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House of Leaves

House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski I'm still not sure what rating to give this book. On the one hand, I loved the story. There were 3: Zampano's, The Navidson Records and Johnny's. The Navidson Records is an essay of sorts about a movie of the same name, written in great detail by Zampano. Johnny ends up with Zampano's work after Zampano's death and becomes obsessed with Zampano and the Nadivdson Records. Johnny soon discovers that the movie, The Navidson Records, doesn't actually exist. So why did Zampano go to such great lengths to analyze a work that doesn't exist? The movie, The Navidson Records, is a - for a lack of better word - typical haunted house story. The house is bigger on the inside that it is on the outside and it wants to ruin its inhabitants. While the reader (here: us) gets deeper into the book, Johnny's life begins to unravel and we get more glimpses of his past, that may or may not have something to do with Zampano. Those three stories, their similarities and parallels were great and kept me reading. But I'm not sure I'm a fan of the execution. I liked it when the formatting changed on the page when Navidson % co. were traveling inside the house - the reader feels just as lost and confused as the characters, as though he/she is navigating a labyrinth - just as the character are. But sometimes the formatting got too bizarre without reason. And the footnotes! There were a lot of them and they kept pulling me out of the story. But I'm glad I read House of Leaves. It was an experience, no doubt about that!