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Among Others

Among Others - Jo Walton This book let me down. Maybe I was too excited for it and expected too much – I don’t know. This book was sub-par at best. It was riddled with one of my biggest pet peeves ever: the protagonist, Mor, kept reminding us that ‘she’s not like the other girls who like boys/make-up/girly stuff.’ She reads.

Yeah, no. I hate, hate, hate when female characters in books – and girls in real life! – throw other girls under the bus like this. There’s nothing wrong with liking girly things, or in not liking books at all (*gasp* the horror!!!).

Also, I think this book’s popularity is due to all the name-dropping the character does. She’s a big reader, and talks about nothing else but books, mainly SFF classics. So, I can see how this book might appeal to readers’ nostalgia, but since it doesn’t present anything new of its own, it has absolutely no substance.

The book had other problems – God, how it did – but I’m not going into them here. I'll end up ranting and nobody wants that :P