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The Silkworm

The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith This is the second instalment in the Cormoran Strike series, and I was pleasantly surprised by the mystery in this one. I liked the first book, but the mystery fell kind of flat at the end. It was fine, just nothing special.

Let’s start with this series’ strong point, which is its characters. Cormoran Strike is not your average detective: he has a prosthetic leg that prevents him from doing a lot of things required of a private detective, but he works around his handicap anyway and succeeds. I like this. It gives the character another dimension that I don’t see explored very often in mystery books – or books in general. Another thing: Robin, Cormoran’s trusted secretary, has a more prominent role in this book, which is something I really wished for in the first book.

Back to the mystery: It was tightly plotted and well executed. There were some things that I didn’t really understand and some loose ends, but overall a much better book than its predecessor.