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Hard Love

Hard Love - Ellen Wittlinger Since I want to write a little bit about every book I read (at least, that's my plan), I'll try to sum up what I liked about this book.I like John, though the ting about him being unfeeling wasn't anything new (I've seen other characters having the same 'flaw') but he was interesting in his own right, so that kept me reading. His 'article' named Interview with the Stepfather, was just the right amount of witty and dark that I was immediately drawn to this character and his story. I admit, I liked the storyline about John's relationship with his parents more than his story with Marisol. Not that I didn't like Marisol, I actually really liked her as a character, it's just that I find family relations much more intriguing to me than love stories. But a good book over-all.