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Black Angel

The Black Angel - John Connolly Oh my God, the ending broke my heart. Poor Parker :( This man really deserves a break!I haven't reviewed any of the books in this series, but I think most people know by now that I love these books (by the fact that I've read 5 of them in such a short time!). The characters are what keeps me reading from book to book, because I want to know what's going to happen to them. Parker is a great main character here, and identifying with him is very easy. His action aren't always what we might call 'morally right' but we can never fault him for any of it. I was worried that his girlfriend Rachel would end up taking the role as the damsel in distress, but that only happens once and for good reason, IMO. She's as strong as any of the other characters, though she is against much of what Parker and his friends, Louis and Angel, do. And that is one of the conflicts in this book.The mysteries are great, and many of them are very chilling. The writing is superb and so rich with beautiful details.