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Wolf Brother (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)

Wolf Brother (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) - Michelle Paver This was a very enjoyable read. I was kind of reluctant to start this book because of the setting, but I'm so glad I gave it the chance it deserved!Plot: The book had an interesting plot, though sometimes things were solved 'too easily' - here I mean the ways Torak found the three pieces of Nanuak. But the ending was very unpredictable and it left me heartbroken and hopeful at the same time. 4/5Characters: The characters made this book. They had their strengths and flaws, you could hate them one second and love them the next, and most importantly, they changed and evolved into better human beings and learned to understand the world. The bond between Torak and Wolf is beautiful, and to be honest, that's the only reason I'm plan on reading the next book in the series as soon as possible. 5/5Ending: Very good, satisfying ending, and as I said, very hopeful and heartbreaking at once. 5/5Overall: A very nice read with action, adventure and mystery. It's very obviously a book for boys, but that shouldn't stop girls from trying it out! 4/5